Toyota Proace/dispatch seat hetaing error.

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Toyota Proace/dispatch seat hetaing error.

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Hello guys we have toyota proace van made in 2019 which is the same as peugeot, citroen and apparently vauxhall/opel van. Both heated seats recently stopped working, and even seatbelt reminder stopped working meaning i can drive with not fastened seatbelt, and it won't show light on the dash.Don't have my lexia, so decided to try scanning with Autel. When chose toyota, diagnostic couldn't find vin and connect. When tried peugeot diagnostic found it as peugeot 4007, but then couldn't access a single module same with citroen diagnostics seen vin and came as as c cross but again couldn't enwter any module, finally entered diagnostics as vauxhal/opel vivaro and was able to access and read the codes. Under the bsi we came up with B132D:12 error which is related to seat heating, any idea what does this error means? Can seatbelt reminder be related? Fuses looks ok.