Nemo Multispace Transmission check no obd codes.

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Nemo Multispace Transmission check no obd codes.

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Please help

Hopefully someone can help us out.
We have a 2009 citroen nemo multispace
I am based in the UK.

Few days ago the left side of the engine dropped while i am slowly driving away from
where I am parked as the upper left engine mount support failed. The bolts holding the engine mount to the mounting bracket snapped off flushed to the bracket. There are some transmission fluid that leaked to the ground as the drive shaft took the weight and slightly departed from its normal position inside the gearbox.

Now i already installed the engine mounting and bolts are new. The problem is, it wont start and the dash is saying transmission check. Hooked up an OBD2 reader and comes out nothing.

Also we have a loose wire from the bunch of bundled wires that connects the ecu to the gearbox selector lever module. 2 white wires that we think it snapped out when the engine dropped.

Now I got two problems, where is that lose wire connected and if my gearbox is still good?

Hopefully someone could help
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Re: Nemo Multispace Transmission check no obd codes.

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Do the wires look broken? If you can get the numbers off them someone might be able to find a wiring diagram that will tell what they are. Is the gearbox earth still connected?
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