C4 Non-start

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C4 Non-start

Post by Guyr94399 »

Hi, I have the this warning, "Electrical circuit fault: have your vehicle repaired" come up on my wife's 2015 C4 (B7), and is showing the following codes........
U1F00 Fault event not stored in the faults log
B1003 Configuration fault
U1F41 Absence of communication with the supplies protection and management unit

I recently replaced the battery protection unit as I could only start the vehicle if I connected the busbars together. After replacing this all was fine for 2-3 weeks, now I get that warning again but it starts every time now and everything is working as it should.

The VIN is VF7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff] any help would be gratefully received.


After reading several posts on various topics I have carried out a reset of the BSI. I printed off the procedure and followed it to the letter. Still getting the same result with the warning message and the service warning on, but everything is working as it should and drives well.

I'm a bit stumped now on what to do next........These are the code I'm getting:-

(BSI) B1601 Central Power Switch Positive (+CPC) Relay Control Fault Present Built-in System Interface
(BSI) U1F00 Fault Event Not Stored In The Faults Log Present Built-in System Interface
(BSI) B1003 Configuration Fault Present Built-in System Interface
(BSI) U1F41 Absence Of Communication With The Supplies Protection And Management Unit Present

Can anyone suggest anything else I can try please

Thank you