Loss of power on changing gear, engine light on at high revs

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Loss of power on changing gear, engine light on at high revs

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Some issues with my Relay 244 campervan conversion that may be related:
1. When revs get above about 2500 the oil/engine light usually comes on.
2. If I change up a gear under high revs (even about 2200, with no light on), I usually get zero power with the accelerator down - if I don't change down a gear, I roll to a stop...or if I'm rolling downhill, it takes about 20 seconds to slowly regain power.
3. A few times, I have been driving along steadily in 3rd and suddenly got a rush of power.
4. There is a whirring noise when I rev the engine, but a mechanic who looked at it said it sounds like a split air pipe, not the turbo or anything serious.

No fault codes when stationary; haven't tried when driving.

Oil needs changing (18 months, 12000 miles) and there is a very slow leak from a porous and damaged sump, but oil level is fine.

Doesn't overheat, at least according to the dashboard.

No white smoke from the exhaust, at least that I've noticed.

Clutch was changed a few months ago.

Air filter was changed a couple months ago.

It was bought and converted a couple years ago by someone else, before doing an 11000 mile trip around Europe, and sat for about 6 weeks before I bought it. It may have been sat for much longer - potentially years - before they bought it; I'm not sure.

It's hard to find a garage that can look at this before Jan/Feb due to its size/weight (currently near Merthyr Tydfil but also tried around Oxford where I'm normally based). When I can find one, I'll get a new sump, oil, oil switch, gear oil (old), fuel filter (old), air springs (leaking), brake pads (front are worn and squeaking), and rear calipers (binding), and ask them to diagnose the power/oil issues. I've had various suggestions off facebook/google, including the turbo (e.g. stuck wastegate), EGR, and oil pump, but I'm new to auto mechanics so not sure if there is much I can do myself (apart from changing the oil, but ideally I'd do the sump at the same time). I live in the van so any work I do will be in a public car park in the Welsh rain.