Knocking under rear of van at low speeds?

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Knocking under rear of van at low speeds?

Post by Tarquin »

Strange one this!

58 plate Citroen Dispatch with small Luton style box on back.

Had a knocking underneath and found the exhaust box bracket had broken off, had it welded up and she passed the MOT with no advisories a couple of days later. Prior to the MOT my mechanic eased the rear brakes which were binding a little. Since the MOT I've had a variable knocking sound at low speeds, which all but go when up to 30mph on a smooth road and cannot find the cause?

It's not the exhaust, it's not the spare wheel carrier, there are no obvious loose parts. When rocking the body sidewards, nothing, jumping up and down on the towbar, nothing. Reversing over a very small hump and the sound can be heard. Driving at 5-20 mph and donk, bang, donk!

I'm wondering if somethings rattling in the drum brakes and the sound is being amplified through the Luton style box?

Any other suggestions?