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Love of the Car

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I love my 2006 C5 2ltr hdi Exclusive. Adore it. I recently bought a Jaguar XJ to retire my C5 from long trips to SW France all the time but while it may be luxurious to a point it holds nothing on my C5 and it barely gets a look in. So much so that I am the butt of family jokes.

The C5 has done 165k, I bought it at 50k 10 years ago. I have continually changed oil and filters (garage as I am not mechanical and have no place to work). I'm changing batteries. Brake pads and track ends are changed. The timing belt was changed on time. Gear oil changed etc

The only issue really is MOTs and whether it will pass. They say there is evidence of an oil leak but not say where and the oil level isn't going down.

They say there is slight misting on one of the suspension units but not critical.

I know one of the spheres is getting rusty.

If I could get it up I'd thoroughly clean the car and then spray protectant.

I want to preserve this beast for 100ks more.

The only real bstard is that the passenger side AirCon has given up the ghost and I assume its the paddle deep inside the dash unit which has broken. I put a cheepie endoscope down but couldnt see. I have seen videos where they cut i to the side unit to fix but thats too Frankenstein for me. I'd do it, but confidence.

However the point of this post is, other than oil and filter changes and the usual wear and tears is there anything else that I should get the garage to do to help keep this lady on the road? What else should be done?
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