Oil leak

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Oil leak

Post by LEEDS »

Hi. My phn was broke fir a couple of days and have list a lot if info. Just enquiring if there was a reply from my previous post.

I am driving a 2011 1.6VTR . I had itvl serviced 9000 miles ago. And yesterday I had to out a ltr of oil in. There is no smoke coming from the exhaust .any suggestions. Thanks
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Re: Oil leak

Post by Sloppysod »

Hi, there has been a problem with the forum, see separate post.
Also, when you say you had to put a litre of oil in, was that because it was below the minimum mark on the dipstick? As the maximum mark is exactly that, the maximum and not the level you should aim for.

Also, I hold be nice if you used proper words and not 'text-talk" as us oldies get confused easily. 👍
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