Permanent fault c4 Picasso

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Permanent fault c4 Picasso

Post by welshphil7805 »

Hi all thanks for the add.
A very frustrated Picasso owner here.
I have a 2013 mk2 ehdi picasso.
At every start up I get a warning bleep and engine fault message. The service light is constantly on and the stop start is disabled.
I have carried out diagnostic test and had U1218 loss of communication and distance alert function fault . I read the live data on the stop start system with engine running but can't understand what the system needs to look like when operating correctly.
So now I am at a loss to what to do next. I suspect it's something to do with the stop start system but thats just grasping at straws. I have fitted a new AGM battery, new belt and both tensioners.
Any ideas would be great
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Re: Permanent fault c4 Picasso

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It's more than possible it's nothing to do with stop start, rather that being disabled is an effect. I would trawl through the live data on the BSI and engine looking for anything that appears out of place or implausible. When you scan it are all modules present and communicating?
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