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I wondered please if anyone can help. A couple of weeks ago my DS3 Puretech Auto cut out whilst driving. The dash and lights completely shut off and I had to pull over. Before it cut out, the display beeped with an error message regarding airbag and seatbelt but disappeared so quickly, I wasn't able to get the context of the error. The message, Engine fault: Have the vehicle repaired quickly followed, which I'm assuming is what caused the car to shut off. I took it to the garage I purchased it from and they had a look for me and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. The exact same thing happened again this evening driving home. The same errors appeared and the electrics completely cut out. It's very dangerous, especially when driving in the dark. I was able to start the car and drive home, the electrics came back on but I'm still being presented with the engine message and the engine light is showing on the dash. When I go to diagnostics, the engine fault appears but strangely not the airbag and seatbelt fault. I think it was this that triggered the engine to cut out but have no way of knowing exactly what it means as it disappeared so quickly. Has anyone experienced the same or do you have an idea of what the airbag and seatbelt message was referring to? I will probably get it looked at again, just to be safe but it would help if I could get some understanding that may be of use to the mechanic. Thank you :)
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An air bag fault won't cause a cut out. If the engine light is on there should be a code which might point to the error, but a sudden loss of power may be a loose or broken wire somewhere that might be hard to track down...
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