ZX lower balljoints

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ZX lower balljoints

Post by RichardW »

So you take the pinch bolt out, lever the arm downwards about 1/2" whereupon it stops and won't budge any further for love, money nor hammering. After 90 minutes in disgust, you are about to put it all back together - oh, go on then, just one last try.
The secret? Hand on hub, knee behind elbow and really push it inwards. Now lever the wishbone down and it will pop out easy as anything. Stare at now disengaged joint in disbelief that it gave up so easily.
Nice one[8)]
Hub nut was a piece of cake in comparison....


Post by Jon »

A real quick way to separate ZX balljoints is to get a length of metal bar (I use an old antirollbar)and slide it over the top of the arm so that the other end is under the floor of the car. Put a leather glove over that end to avoid any damage. Then just pull down on the bar at the end sticking out by the bottom arm, joint usually separates immediately, if not, one sharp tap on the end of the bar does it.