C4 grand picasso

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C4 grand picasso

Post by Laz »

Where can I see the fluid level on the automatic gearbox?
How should I know... I need to top up?
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Re: C4 grand picasso

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You can't and it doesn't get topped up.

If this is a fully automatic gearbox with torque converter (Al4 or AM6) then the auto gearbox fluid requires a special operation to drain and refill several times to completely change the oil as best as possible and a diagnostic tool to check the correct oil temperature before doing so and then later to reset the oil counter.

If you have a manual piloted gearbox (standard manual gearbox and clutch with hydraulically operated clutch and gear changes) then the manual gearbox is a standard gearbox and again, any oil removed must be measured and replaced with the exact amount removed unless you are fully draining it, in which case you will need to know the correct amount to fill it with and that will depend on the exact gearbox type.

If you are not familiar with these operations, and don't have the requisite diagnostic tools, then probably best left to a competent garage to do.