DS5 Timing belt change issue

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DS5 Timing belt change issue

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I made a huge mistake and went with the cheap option for a water pump/timing belt change. The work was done and then the next day the car wouldnt start, the guy came back and 'fixed' the problem and then again the next day the car wouldnt start. This went on for around 6 weeks and happened exactly the same 5/6 times. During this time, the fuel filter/housing was the main suspect and was changed to no avail. The guy then came back and took the belt off and started again, identified that there was an area where you can change the angle/degree and that this had been changed during the initial work. He moved it until the car started and away he went. This was during summer and ever since the car has started, but the start has not sounded the same as before the work was done. Now we are moving into the cold period, I am noticing that it is struggling to start but will fire up after 2/3 goes (which I never had to do before). Any advice on what to do or does anyone know what exactly he moved/changed the angle of to get it going so I can take it somewhere reputable and ask them to look at it with an idea of what I am talking about.

Thank you for any help/advice!

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