Citroen C4 GP - 24h video surveillance

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Citroen C4 GP - 24h video surveillance

Post by Cibbler »

Hello everyone, I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2007. I bought a dash cam that I want to connect using a wirekit for 24h video surveillance.
From the manufacturer of the wirekit, there are three wires, with two permanent positives and the third is ground.
The first two schematically are given to connect to ACC+ and BAT+.
It is about using the two cables with encapsulated inputs for mini fuses to connect in the internal fuse box under the steering wheel.
My question is, is it a better option to use an additional splitter for the fuse, or just look with a test lamp where there is direct current and connect them that way. There is no ACC+ and BAT+ according to the scheme of the internal fuse box. ACC is maybe an ignition switch fuse or I'm mistaken.

If so, I am asking for advice from people who understand and how it would be best to do it. Тhanks.
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Re: Citroen C4 GP - 24h video surveillance

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The 2 positives have different functions.

The BAT+ wire requires a permanent supply.
The ACC+ is a switched supply that only works when the car is running.
The Black is ground.

It is important you identify the correct fuse for your needs and avoid any fuses that are responsible for ECUs or safety systems as these can have an adverse effect on your vehicle.

The dash cam needs to be able to monitor the battery voltage if you are using 'parking mode' or a mode where it it takes a snapshot every so often, so that it can disable the function of the battery gets too low. You do not want to get stranded if the car won't start as these types of features (depending on the dash came features you use) will cause a drain and moreso if it has a constant recording mode. This happened to me so, I wired mine to accessories only, to the dash cam came on when I started the car and turned off when the ignition was switched off. I did not require parking mode on mine.

Have a watch of this video regarding possible sources. It is American, but the similar applies.