C3 1.1 2011 Unstable engine running

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C3 1.1 2011 Unstable engine running

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Hello! Nerve wrecking problems with my C3. Engine is TU1A. Driven 110k km.

Engine runs sometimes just ok, no problems. Then it can suddenly start to run with 3 cylinders and lot of warnings can appear like "engine fault", "Abs/Esr fault". Lack of power and don´t rev at all. And next time can start without problems..or not

Timing belt, water pump and coil pack and plugs was just changed. It didn´t help. Petrol injectors were also checked. All done by proper mechanics
Fault codes given: P1339, P0137, P1338, P0620, P0008, P0500, P1360.

Faults P1360, P1338 and P1339 related to ignition problems. P0137 to Lambda. P0620 to charger. P0008 to camshaft sensor. P0500 CAN com with ESP.

Do you guys have any ideas what to do next? Could it be faulty ECU? Engine runs sometimes just ok. Maybe clogged petrol line? Wire harness?

Thanks in advance!