Fuel additive

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Fuel additive

Post by Frenchkey »

Hi all my c3 picasso diesel 2014 recently went into limp mode straight after re-fueling . RAC came out and managed to clear the fault tricking the system to re-set at 50% which got us home it would not accept 100% on re-set
Just put car into local garage at home he put car on ramp and found the fuel additive to be full managed to re-set to 100% question is why is my fuel additive full seems like its not being used?
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Re: Fuel additive

Post by GiveMeABreak »

There's likely a problem with the fuel additive pump - as in it's not working. A proper diagnostic with Diagbox will likely show up the faults that other systems are not able to. So I suspect there is a fault code that is not being picked up by your mechanic's particular diagnostic tool.