2015 grand picasso steering rack

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2015 grand picasso steering rack

Post by emmapepc »

Looking for any help or advice...
It appears I need to replace the steering rack on my 2015 grand picasso. Citroen quoting over £2500 which given the age and milage of the car just doesn't seem worth it as well as being way out of my budget at the moment.

One thing I would like clarified is whether this part is coded.
There seems to be conflicting opinion here.
If its not I could source a 2nd hand part and it would save the day but I've already encountered one reluctant mechanic who thinks recoding it would be a pain.

I can't be without the car as I have a disabled son but this has become quite the headache. At the point of considering cutting my losses with the black hole of money this car has become 🙄

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Re: 2015 grand picasso steering rack

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It depends on the type of rack you have as some contain the power steering electronics and ECU built onto the rack, so this means ensuring the correct rack for the vehicle and then it will need the ECU setting up for the vehicle. I.e. if you have semi-automatic parking assistance etc.

Best to pop the vehicle's VIN up so I can see what type you have. Please post your VIN in full without spaces - it will be automatically masked from public view after submitting your post & will only be visible to staff.