P0559 brake signal (switch CAN) coherence issue

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P0559 brake signal (switch CAN) coherence issue

Post by Diddybond »

Peugeot 2011 semi automatic reg SJ11YSK

Recent work
New clutch, flywheel and bearings
New front wheel bearing
New breaks and disks all round
Replaced abs pump and ECU
Replaced brake light switch

I am getting an intermittent fault that is coming up as a fix gearbox error within the car, but the diagnostic is showing P0559 brake signal (switch CAN) coherence.

Pulling my hair out with this one because it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Help and suggestions desperately needed.
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Re: P0559 brake signal (switch CAN) coherence issue

Post by wheeler »

Just want to check, do you brake with your left foot?
I used yo come across this fault a lot when people use both feet to drive the car? normally people in their first automatic car. For some unknown reason when some people switch from a manual into an auto they start breaking with their left foot. Inevitably this can lead to both the brake & accelerator being pressed at the same time which can flag up this fault