1.2 Puretech

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1.2 Puretech

Post by Steve Walsh »

A bit of info, might be of use to somebody.

A friend of mine bought a 3008 with the 1.2 puretech petrol engine. It had already had the recall done for the timing belt. This is a 2016 car. and well out of warranty.
On her way to my house a few weeks ago engine warning light and messages appeared, I scanned it when she arrived and it has intermittent low oil pressure. I guessed the belt was failing again.
It was recovered to a Peugeot main dealer as I didn't want to risk driving.
The dealer has done another belt, and oil pump all at Peugeots expense. and given here a 12 month warranty and 100000km before the next belt. I believe they are now on 3rd generation of belt material..
Anyone having the same prob I would advise to go and talk with a main dealer regardless of age and distance travelled.

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Re: 1.2 Puretech

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It also depends on how long these cars have been operating as to how much debris from the timing belt has been allowed to circulate. The oil strainer can get blocked with this stuff, but if it enters past this into the system it can still do damage - so always wise to keep an eye on the oil pressure light and stop driving the vehicle if it occurs before the damage increases that can lead to engine failure.

It's a bloody stupid idea having the belt in oil system IMO - an issue just waiting to happen to be honest.