BX heater control

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BX heater control

Post by bxbodger »

Knowing the BX heater valves propensity to stick and seize when not used, as it's now summer it may not be used again until the autumn.
I just turn mine to full heat for a few minutes every day and then back to cold again- that way when winter comes at least it will still be working!!!!!
This also has the benefit of fully circulating the coolant which would otherwise be sitting in the matrix for the whole summer.

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Post by kiwichas »

What if you have a heater that will not turn off fully, and you live in warmer climate(BX 19TRI), seems one has to dismantle half the car to get at it?

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Post by tomsheppard »

No, the tap is on the right hand side of the car and very easily accessible (By Citroen standards!) once you have removed the steering wheel cowling to see what you're doing. I'd squirt it with loos'nin' juice and then work it by hand a couple of times.

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Post by jeremy »

Mine gets a squirt of silicon whenever it seems to be getting tight - being doing it for 5 1/2 years now! Just find the valve and squirt - no dismantling!
I've never seen the valve close too but it fels as though some part is rubber - hence the use of silicon spray.