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Stuck for answers

Post by ADH »

Ok so,having sorted the previous probs out (I hope) now i I have a new problem. When I first start up, I leave it to warm up for a couple of mins before driving off, next thing there's a rattle (a bit like a small end rattle) then the engine revs itself and blows a huge amount of grey brown smoke out of the exhaust. This is an intermittent fault so hard to pinpoint.I have just had it on a diagnostic test at the mechanic and it didn't find anything. Any suggestions would be great.TIA
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Re: Stuck for answers

Post by MattBLancs »

Not a cure for your issue (odd problem that! How high does it rev?) But diesels take forever to warm by just idling, as produce relatively little waste heat just idling. Better to just get in and drive relatively gently but without low rpm high torque (e.g. 3rd gear at 30mph rather than 4th at the same speed) to get it up to temperature.

If you must idle a cold engine (e.g. to defrost/ demist windows, then lots of electrical load - heated rear screen, headlamps, blower on high, etc all put a bit of load on the engine and will shorten the warm up. Obviously nice warm light assemblies, heated screen etc are all helping demist/deice are all helping with getting the car ready too.