Should I buy Citroen BX?

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Should I buy Citroen BX?

Post by Theflyingpostman »

I was thinking of buy BX, but I felt and cornered of future with the suspension could be trouble to find parts? I am looking for BX 1.4 and 1.9 Petrol on Facebook marketplace I suggested using the car for a fun on weekend instead of commute to work.
Is there any service company that take care of the Hydropneumatic for Citroën? As I can not find any in UK, but one is in Romania, is that correct? I have been search on this site with no answer.
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Re: Should I buy Citroen BX?

Post by xantia_v6 »

There are a few garages that specialise in hydraulic Citroens. For the BX, Chevronics in Hitchin would be an obvious choice, but there are others.
I have never heard of a BX being scrapped for unavailability of a hydraulic component, so that concern should be well down the list.
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Re: Should I buy Citroen BX?

Post by CitroJim »

Be very aware of their propensity to rust... They can look perfect and yet be as rotten as a pear in hidden places, especially around the boot floor, rear subframe - including mounts - sills and inner wings...

Apart from that, they're lovely cars and a nice pairing with the AX...

Proceed with care and hold out for a good one... They are out there and a good one will be an absolute delight...
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Re: Should I buy Citroen BX?

Post by RichardW »

You should watch the series on the BX 16V by Up'n'down (Kitch who used to be a regular here) on you tube before getting in too deep - they're getting on and can hide some horrors!!
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Re: Should I buy Citroen BX?

Post by Jay-Bruce »

Pleaides also cover the BX, as do Euro Car Care (not to be confused with Euro Car Parts) generally speaking, the BX has better support for it's hydraulics than the C5 (X7), as you can easily buy replacements for, or the kit to make just about any hydraulic pipe, whereas for the X7, alot of piles are unavailable, and we as a community are developing solutions, such as the pipe fittings I'm developing or the flexi pipes Svod has made.

(Edited to correct Sure Car Care to Euro Car Care)
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Re: Should I buy Citroen BX?

Post by NotAnInterestingName »

A Xantia is probably a better buy, it's mechanically closely related to the BX but newer.