RNEG infotainment system

This unit is the eMyWay system, also referred to as RT6, RNEG2, or WIPNAV+ for the Peugeot platform and made by Magneti Marelli.
Main Features: The eMyWay colour satellite navigation has high resolution mapping, Bluetooth Telephone & Audio Streaming supported profiles, USB support for Media files & CD

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RNEG infotainment system

Post by Saif_Kh »

Hey there, i hope you all doing well, i have a Citroën C4 (B7) 2014 with a non-touch screen anyway, recently i was trying to connect a FAT32 USB flash drive but unfortunately there's nothing happens, the port is working fine because i charge my phone using it, but it can't read or recognize a flash drive BTW the flash drive i'm using is working fine, so what could be the problem?
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Re: RNEG infotainment system

Post by Paul-R »

What size is the USB drive?
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Re: RNEG infotainment system

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... and what type of media files do you have on the drive?
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