Citroen Dispatch/Jumpy 3 Service Schedule

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Citroen Dispatch/Jumpy 3 Service Schedule

Post by Deet27 »

Building a Cirtoen Dispatch Service Schedule to maintain my van.
Oil + Filter 5.6ltrs 1yr/12k Miles
Cabin Filter 1yr/12k Miles
Air Filter 4Yr/25k Miles
Fuel Filter 4Yr/25k Miles
Brake Fluid 2Yr
DPF Additive Level Check 50k then every 25k (anyone ever done this?)
Engine Coolant Check 4Yr/75k then every 25k
DPF Clogging Check 100k
Aux Drive Belt 10yrs/125k
Timing Belt Kit + Water Pump 10Yr/125k
Gearbox Oil ?????

Was wondering what you would recommend for the service Interval for Gearbox oil change?
Also 125K for Timing belt change seems abit high, any recommendation would be apricated.
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Re: Citroen Dispatch/Jumpy 3 Service Schedule

Post by Stewart(oily) »

For my own vehicle I would make the engine oil every 5 or 6000 miles, gearbox oil, these are sealed for life, or until you accidentally pull the nearside driveshaft out while working on something else, for what it costs drop the lot out, and put 2 litres in. follow recomendations for cambelt, they vary, play safe.