BOXER 2007 still bogging down after new EGR and new turbo

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BOXER 2007 still bogging down after new EGR and new turbo

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Hi all.
I hope you might be able to help.
I had issues with bogging down on acceleration, in my 2007 Boxer converted campervan, 5 speed manual. Particularly part way through longer journeys. But this was intermittent.

The first garage replaced the egr valve and fuel filter. This lasted maybe 6 months if that until the same problem occured.
I changed garage, they checked a number of things and concluded it was the injectors. Changed some of the injectors, a few weeks later the problem was still occuring.
They then diagnoses the egr again and said the previous garage used a cheap make and they can have problems. Replaced the egr valve again.
Still not fixed and broke down after black smoke and loss of power.
The aa guy tried to rev for about 30 mins to clear the soot of which a lot was coming out the exhaust thinking it could just be clogged from before the valve change. But no joy, followed us limping back to the garage.

Changed the fuel pump, checked the solenoid valves, checked the wiring loom and finally concluded a new turbo was needed. So went ahead with a new turbo.

Got the van back. Still problems bogging down with a brand new turbo, and engine light came on! This was on a long test drive of 4 hours each way.

Took it back to the garage. They cleaned the fuel sensors, checked the pressure and said at some point we might need another injector, recalibrated or mapped this point i am not even sure what they have done, but the test drive they did, they said was fine all running smoothly.

I drove it. Second gear still felt a little reluctant (co sidering a new turbo) but by this point I am questioning my own driving. I could feel the turbo kick in after the initial lag, and then again the same problem occurred. Bogging down. Normally in 2nd and 3rd gear, normally on an incline, but not always but this is when it is more noticeable.

A lot of money later and still pretty much the same bogging down issue I had over a year ago initially before the new egr, turbo, fuel filters, air filters, injectors, cleaned filters and sensors etc..

Please can you offer any advice because I am at my wits end! I appreciate any help or advice at this point as I don't even know what to say to the garage as they seem stumped?

Thanks 🙏