Xantia Activa hydraulic ram dust covers

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Xantia Activa hydraulic ram dust covers

Post by petef »

The front and rear roll control rams are fine - except for the dust covers. Both are disintegrating and the front one is completely shredded. New ones do not seem to be available - can anyone help, either with a possible supplier anywhere in Europe, or suggest a suitable alternative which can perhaps be adapted? Thanks in advance
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Re: Xantia Activa hydraulic ram dust covers

Post by xantia_v6 »

Have you seen Jim's repair? https://eastment.net/ramrep/index.htm
There are also a few topics on here which reference it.
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Re: Xantia Activa hydraulic ram dust covers

Post by Stickyfinger »

Maybe some help

Be warned, you will (90% chance) have to replace at least the lower bush.....(Berlingo steering ram bushes are the same) Also, take great care not to damage the top mount, that is much harder to replace (as are the feed pipes)

a little tool I made for the job (under Jim's guidance)