Relay sliding door and rear door not opening on keyfob

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Relay sliding door and rear door not opening on keyfob

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Hi all

Newbie here need some help

I have a 2008 Relay van having some problems with the locking.

Sliding door and rear door are not opening when you unlock on the keyfob, they lock fine on the fob. The only way to open them is press the unlock button on the dash or use the key in the rear door.

I have reached a bit of a dead end now as this is what i have done up to now.

Rear door - replaced cabling in the loom section from in the rear quarter to just before the plug on the door lock as these cables looked a but crispy so i was hoping for a broken cable somewhere

Sliding door - replaced the lock, outer handle, inner handle, cabling from handles to locking mechanism, both sides of the sensor switches on the door and body, checked the wiring as far as i can for breaks.

Now i have run of our ideas on what to change or check.

Does anyone have any ideas?