C5 aircross faults

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C5 aircross faults

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Yesterday when I was trying to lock my car using the passenger door handle it refused to lock or even unlock so gave it a clean and it still wouldn't work. However it did start randomly locking and unlocking the car when the key was nearby. A couple of hours later and it worked fine.

However this afternoon I've started up the car and it's threw an airbag/seatbelt tensioner fault at me (so the service light is now on, has put the auto lights onto dipped beams instead of sidelights when it's sunny out and the front wipers refuse to work at all no matter what you do.

This is just what I've found on a short run so far but my initial assumption would be that the battery is on its way out. Just wondering if others have experienced this too
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Re: C5 aircross faults

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What year is the C5 and how many miles has it done?
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