Citroen BX height selector lever tension

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Citroen BX height selector lever tension

Post by OneRandomBX »

Hi all.
I've got a weird issue with my BX.
The ride height selector lever is under tension when in the normal driving position. It always pulls up towards the raised and service slots. It seems to relax in the raised position.
It kinda stays in the normal position, but when I start driving, after a few bumps in the road, it bounces out and stays between the normal and raised slots.
This also makes it very hard to put it in the lowest position, it takes a lot of strength to push it down.
Has anyone else had a problem like this? What could be the cause?
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Re: Citroen BX height selector lever tension

Post by moizeau »

Hi and welcome, check the rear height linkage near the axle in the centre, it seizes up.
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Re: Citroen BX height selector lever tension

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

But make sure the car is properly supported before you go underneath her. People have been killed under Citroens when they have moved something and had the car come down on them.
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Re: Citroen BX height selector lever tension

Post by aerodynamica »

Hi there, has any work been done to the height corrector linkages prior to this problem?

It sounds most likely caused by the manual lever linkage rod being largely out of adjustment at one (or both) of the height correctors. You can check it with the car on ramps/ lift, car must be standing on its wheels and at normal height with the engine running. The manual rod end has to be seen to be central in the slot of the lever that works the height corrector. It's easier to see on some Citroens than others and years of road dirt covering it all makes it hard to see too so best to clean with wire brush first.

It has the symptoms of a rod that is hard against one end of the slot so that when the suspension at the rear (or front) at times moves lower or higher - like they do- then the corresponding movement of the height control automatic linkage from the anti roll bar clamp pushes against the manual rod and feeds back to the manual lever between the front seats.

If the manual rod end is forced to one end of the slot then the adjustment is to loosen the nut in the middle of the lever that works the height corrector to allow the slot part of the lever to be moved and retightened when the manual rod is in the center of the slot. The manual lever must be in normal position when doing this adjustment. The car height itself must be at normal height also and ensure not to push/ pull on the car and disturb the height physically while doing the adjustment.

If you're able to take a photo of the height corrector linkage when the car is standing at normal height that would be good.
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