Blown Headlamp Bulb Hilarity....

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Blown Headlamp Bulb Hilarity....

Post by Doo »

2007 C4, wife's car. She told me warning lights came on and it felt funny.

Interrogation brought up my old adversary, the oil warning sensor (still haven't replaced it) along with a blown bulb (high beam) and power steering issue, which explained the whining I was hearing.

I replaced the bulb & erased the codes (apart from oil sensor fault which won't go), started the engine & all was well.

But, imagine a high beam bulb, not being used at the time, created a storm in a C cup :lol: affecting the CanBus to emergency up the PAS pump :?

I also need to find a moment to adjust the parking brake, which suggests the rear pads may be worn :roll:

It never ends #-o
Has anyone seen the plot? :?
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Re: Blown Headlamp Bulb Hilarity....

Post by Sloppysod »

Doo wrote: 27 Apr 2023, 16:36 It never ends #-o
It does, but you'll never know 🪦😉
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