Xsara wont go past 1800 rpm - P0220/P0120

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Xsara wont go past 1800 rpm - P0220/P0120

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Hello, I have an 1999 2.0 hdi 90hp citroen that is having some acceleration and overall RPM problems.

When I turn the car on the rpm go up to 400/500 (should be much lower), and when accelerating it wont go past 1800 rpm - like its locked, this happens in every gear and also neutral. Sometimes it goes away and the car runs normally, both idle and circulating.

When reading the codes these 2 came up p0120, p0220 - they are for "Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch Circuit "A" and "B". The is also a third one (p0380 - Heater circuit A) but I dont think it is the reason here.

Only pedal position sensor I could find is the one that has the accelerator cable attached and a 4 pin connection

Would changing the TPS make the car run normally? How can I diagnistic my current one?

Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated :)