DV6 Engine New Turbo New.....

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DV6 Engine New Turbo New.....

Post by Doo »

Hi all, you may recall I'm fixing a friend's car. It's a F :puke: RD, but fitted with the DV6. As per the warranty directives, new everything, Inc pick up strainer and dip stick.

Therein lies the issue. They recommend a new dipstick (I'm sure I read something about white rather than yellow). To my horror, I popped the new strainer on without checking the fact its missing the pipe for the dipstick. I only noticed that when fishing the detritus out of the oil catch pan.

I'm assuming this new improved pick up strainer isn't meant to have a dipstick pipe on it (hence new dipstick) or I'm the dipsticl and should have removed the pipe off the old strainer (though, for the life of me, I wouldn't "get" why they'd do that after supplying all new oil pipes for the turbo feed 8-[ )

So my question(s) are, if I get the new improved dipstick, will it be calibrated to find the oil level setting as how it won't be going round the bend, so to speak. Can I trust the original dipstick (again, without the bends, is going to read incorrectly)?

Where can I find the new dipstick as my searches always result in gobbledygook :roll:

Or, am I going to have to drop the sump (and all that "that" involves) again and insert the dipstick tube into the new brighter, smoother, shinier pick up strainer?

Why can't things just be straightforward?? Here's a turbo with all the parts including a dipstick, etc?

No, the give you two pages of instructions about changing the oil & filter THREE times, fit the new solid oil supply pipe which is like trying to get a kid into a car seat when it goes rigid and you "know" you must not damage it, etc.

I just want this car out of my hair :cry:
Has anyone seen the plot? :?