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hi i have a 58 reg 1.6 hdi berlingo multispace nice basic model rubber mats removable seats perfect for every thing fits the grand children in (3 car seats across the back),take the seats out fit allsorts of motorbikes scooters pushbikes what ever tip runs i love it at one time i was getting 58mpg .when i got it ,it had had a clutch fitted 6 months previous and not done much since, in a very short time i found out why :shock: ,what i assume is that the garage who fitted the clutch were also the pepole selling it on behalf of the owner via face book ,when they fitted clutch had took off the cup with 3 bolts that used to hold the speedo drive on older models to allow them to rotate the gearbox to help getting it off an when they did this the outer race for the diff fell out ,as it leaked bad with correct oil in i changed the seals the drive shafts then worked out it had a lot of play which was not obvious with the seal supporting it ,the bearing had been running in the cup so i cleaned it out best i could flushed it out a few times the diff looked ok fitted new diff bearings it worked 3rd has always been a bit tricky but its lasted 2 years but is now time for a new gear box

can any one tell me the difference between a 20et57 gear box from a 2019 and a 20dp47 gear box in my 58 reg berlingo ,
will it fit it looks the same bell housing diff housing but are the splines the same on the input shaft ,do they have the same drive shafts?
i know the 20et57 has pick up for rev counter but i dont have to use it
thanks Paul