Viewing a used C5, questions to ask please?

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Viewing a used C5, questions to ask please?

Post by mo0kster »

Hi all.
I'm looking at a 2009 X7, 2.2hdi, hydro suspension estate with 90,000 miles on the clock.
What questions should I ask and what should I look for on a test drive?
Is the 2.2 a good motor for economy and power?
Here's the MOT history, is there anything here that I should be concerned about?
Sorry for all the questions, but my current C5 is quite nice and I don't want to swap it for a dog!
Cheers in advance.
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Re: Viewing a used C5, questions to ask please?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The vehicles and the engines are fine - it's the steering racks that are an issue on these and the lack of Power steering / suspension pipes and even refurbished racks available due to everyone buying them up. Citroen no longer make a lot of the pipes.

Some members here are in the process of designing and engineering alternative fixings. The 2.2 will only get you about 37 mpg on the old economy figures and is about £290 currently to tax.

Parts are and will start to become an issue as the car was no longer made after 2016 and then was only available in a few models and engines.
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