Save the C4

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Save the C4

Post by boristhespie »

My other half's 06 C4 failed its MOT because of corroded subframe.

How salvageable is that?

Is it a scapper.
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Re: Save the C4

Post by MattBLancs »

If corrosion is limited to just the subframe itself, then seems salvageable.

A very quick eBay trawl suggests not too expensive for second hand replacements:

£45 Inc delivery.
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Re: Save the C4

Post by Orbit Motors »

A lot of it depends on how much stuff breaks when replacing it or rather how likely it is you'll be able to get bolts out. A snapped bolt can turn a 10 second job in to a 10 hour job! Unfortunately it is one of those suck it and see jobs.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your dent back!
If it just about starts and drives, I'll probably buy it.

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