C2 SX 1.1 07 flasher relay location?

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C2 SX 1.1 07 flasher relay location?

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Hello lads,

Got a bit of an annoying issue with my C2 with the indicators and a few other little issues. Basically I get an intermittent SERV light on the dash (indicator faulty, foglight faulty, left hand brake light faulty, reverse light faulty. which of course all 4 of those are on the left rear cluster. All bulbs work) which randomly pops up whilst driving and goes away... for a few mins then pops back up, however if I am indicating whilst the SERV light comes on the indicators (either sides) stutter but eventually work as normal. The main issue is when any of the lights are on such as the side lights or any lights as when the SERV light comes on and I indicate left at the same time the left rear indicator refuses to work yet the side and front indicator works but obviously flashes quickly. The right side indicator operates correctly, only the left side has this issue which is really annoying when driving at night sometimes. A further note with the indicator stalk is that if I switch off my lights quickly enough they will stay on whilst being in the off position. Also the hazards operate correctly with the SERV light on, it is only the left directional indicator that causes the left rear to not operate.

Now I don't have a OBD scanner so I am trying to use my brain for this and my first thought of attack was the flasher unit relay but I have no clue where it is located so if someone knows this please let me know its location for a C2 as there is literally nothing online in 2023... lmao. Some other possibilities I'm thinking of is the stalk itself especially with the issue I said at the end of the first bit. The whole left rear cluster? or just a short or a high resistance circuit somewhere? If anybody has any other ideas let me know.