Berlingo 1.6 Hdi diesel engine cut out. Help!

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Berlingo 1.6 Hdi diesel engine cut out. Help!

Post by Berlingovanman »

Hi FCF, I’m new here.

My Berlingo 1.6 Hdi diesel engine cut out 4wks ago and is still with the mechanics. Help!

Please would anyone link me to some source material to work out whether my engine is Bosch or Seimens spec?
2008 reg – (I think) mk2 — see links below. 190,000 miles ... 1371/specs ... irst-2002/


I wonder if anyone would point me in the direction of source material / advise to discuss with my mechanic regarding:

Why my Van will not start up after 4weeks off the road with oil and fuel leaks?

My van's current symptoms…

I MAY NEED another Starter motor (???) as fuel from the fuel leak (split fuel pipe) may have leaked into the unit over the last 4weeks since the leak was spotted. Starter motor is next logical issue to diagnose at a cost of £350-400 inc. parts and labour. He wants to give up. As it could also be EGR issues or something else...

A brief history of recent issues:

Van has an oil leak 4weeks ago.
Fill up oil levels and keep an eye on it.
Breaks down 3 days after.
All power cutting from the engine in an instant. Dash lights on. Won’t turn over.
Gets towed to mechanics.
Oil leak from 1 injector and seal + fuel leak from fuel pipe.

Before these are replaced mechanic looked at fuel delivery system – fuel pump (top back of engine bay) and primed manually; bringing it back up to pressure. Engine turned over and idled for a short time.
Mechanic replaces both injector and seal + pipe. Takes for a test drive and engine cuts out.from here on it will no longer idle.

There is an ODB fault code but mechanic can’t remember what it is…

I asked if fuel line was bled of air after new pipe was fitted. Yes it has been bled.

Now will not start. Mechanic thinks it could be the starter motor contaminated by fuel leaking into it as it’s situated below the leaking pipe that been replaced.


Advise / source materials request:
* what ways can we check its the starter motor before just buying another one?
* What other checks are there to check the ‘system as a whole’ so that we have a better idea of engines health?
* Has anyone had a similar issue with their 2008 berlingo and what was the process you went through to fault find / the outcome?

Thanks for your time and expertise when reading this and replying…

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Re: Berlingo 1.6 Hdi diesel engine cut out. Help!

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Provide us with your VIN (please post your VIN in full without spaces - it will be automatically masked from public view after submitting your post & will only be visible to staff) so we can advise as to the engine management system fitted. Though I'm surprised your mechanic doesn't even know this if he has diagnosed it already...(?)

There are obvious things you have stated like leaks that should be sorted first as these will likely interfere with fuel pump or pressure issues.

We need the actual fault code from a thorough diagnostic (preferable diagnosed with Lexia / Diagbox) to ensure that all fault codes are identified. Then we may be able to advise of what they are - but honestly, if you already have it at a 'mechanics' I'm not sure what you expect, short of advising you to change your mechanic if he has had it for 4 weeks already.... :wink:
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Re: Berlingo 1.6 Hdi diesel engine cut out. Help!

Post by Rhothgar »

If the van is turning over, the starter motor is not the next logical issue to deal with.

Is the battery fully charged, in good condition and turning the engine over fast enough?

If it is and the engine is turning over fast then you can ignore the starter motor for now as that is not starting the van from starting.

Can you get the van started by priming the system and having someone continue to prime fast whilst the engine is being cranked?

A direct injection typically needs around 300 bar pressure in the fuel rail to have a chance of starting. If it hasn’t, then the fuel pressure regulator should be tested to ensure it is switching correctly.

Of course, it could also be something as simple as the fuel pressure switch in the fuel rail not reporting the correct pressure.

Injectors typically should be receiving around 80V.

With respect, it sounds as though your mechanic doesn't know too much. Maybe they’re old school and don’t work on modern engines.

Having said that, at that mileage it could even be a wiring issue.

Not sure if your vehicle has a double relay. They can sometimes break down.

If he wants to give up then you need to get it transferred somewhere that is interested in doing it.

So often I have seen mechanics with limited knowledge simply swapping parts hoping that they will stumble upon the answer. This is neither an acceptable way nor the cheapest way to getting you back on the road.