Faux Chrome Door Trims - REMANUFACTURE?

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Faux Chrome Door Trims - REMANUFACTURE?

Post by Rhothgar »


How many of the Citroen family vehicles share the same faux chrome door strip trims as the HDi Xantia?

I've just stripped one off and can see where the issues lie.

The end section typically at the B pillar on my car gets water ingress and rusts internally, expands, deforms the trim and then...

So I am looking at refurbing mine after having read last night that Brian Pimmer who used to sell replacements has passed away some time ago.

Has anyone found a suitable alternative?

I am currently thinking along the lines of buying some 18mm. sticky backed trim from Ebay removing the old covering or cutting out the particularly bad bits and then bonding the new strip to the existing clip in backing strip. The door trims have the name MAGNA written on them and I did wonder if this is the Canadian company, Magna International. However their website doesn't seem to respond.

I have cut away the thin plastic 'protection' to the section that had bulged and will use a rust converter. This is a faint crease line on the visible side of the trim where that internal metal strip runs. No doubt it has all rusted to some marginal degree or was this faint line always visible on new cars?