Ford Mondeo with a PSA engine? WHAT!

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Ford Mondeo with a PSA engine? WHAT!

Post by Rhothgar »


This needs to be quick because SWMBO is wanting to get rid of her Smart ForFour diesel and replace it.

I have the opportunity tomorrow to buy a Ford Mondeo Titanium X Business Edition which apparently has a PSA diesel unit in it.

Unsurprising to learn that because it has got, wait for it...

an intergalactic mileage of just over 300000 miles on it. This is not the sort of mileage I would ever entertain but the car has been used regularly. The leather interior looks to be immaculate. The whole car looks super tidy to be honest.


What specific engine would it be? Clearly they must be very well designed and reliable. 163 bhp I think so the same engine that would have been stuffed into the C5 no doubt.

Is there anyone on here with such an engine with such mileage that can wax lyrical about how good they are?

It seems like it would be worth the punt at £800. There is currently one on Ebay for £2000 with 253000 miles on. Not sure anyone would buy it with that kind of mileage.

The car has only had one former keeper hence the lovely condition I guess.

Your thoughts please gents.