C5 X7 Tourer Tailgate Economy Mode

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C5 X7 Tourer Tailgate Economy Mode

Post by sims29 »

Looking for a solution to frequent failure of my 2015 C5 Exclusive Tourer's tailgate to open or close, probably due to the fact that I only do motorway trips of about 40 miles and very few stop/start trips.

Marc "GiveMeABreak" seems to have probably found the answer with "viewtopic.php?t=60776" which I need to read so I have made my donation and submitted this post to thank Marc in anticipation of being able to download a copy.


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Re: C5 X7 Tourer Tailgate Economy Mode

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I've moved your post into a more suitable thread John.

Thank you for your Forum donation. This will automatically grant access tot he resources section and the topic I think you are referring to is regarding Economy Mode especially for owners with motorised tailgates:

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