How do I know of a fix has been successful?

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How do I know of a fix has been successful?

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Hi all!

I have 1 litre, 2015, Citroen C3 and recently experienced my first engine fault P1338, cylinder misfire - impact on catalytic converter. The car went in to limp mode, took car to garage and had spark plugs and coils replaced. Went back to the garage and mechanic took a look again. I picked up and have drove roughly 70 miles since, on top of however many the mechanic drove with no engine fault reappearance.

My question is, when can I rely on this car again? I’m still feeling anxious and waiting for the fault to come back every time I drive it, although it drives and sounds fine.

Also, Is there anything I can do to undo any potential damage to the catalytic converter caused by the misfire?
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Re: How do I know of a cylinder misfire fix has been successful?

Post by xantia_v6 »

It would be easier to give advice if we knew exactly what the mechanic did on the second attempt.

Don't worry about the catalytic converter, the failure mechanism is by unburnt fuel entering the converter and causing it to overheat and eventually melt down. This does not happen immediately, and if it did happen, you would notice a significant loss of performance.