1.6HDI - Engine Shake?

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1.6HDI - Engine Shake?

Post by fromthesamehill »

I wondered what amount of shake/vibration is normal with the 1.6HDI engine. Parked up after a 16-mile drive from work (more uphill on the way home) and warm enough that I didn't need heat on for the first time in a while. When I was idling after parking up, the car engine sounded a bit nosier and when I opened the bonnet, it seemed to be vibrating a bit more. I've attached the video, (apologies about the poor quality), if anyone could cast their eye and let me know if this seems 'normal'. Fluid levels all fine, and temp fine as well. Thanks.

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Re: 1.6HDI - Engine Shake?

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I have a 1.6Hdi Berlingo Multispace and it suffers a bit from vibration at idle and also when stopping. I assume that the engine mountings would be the same as the Berlingo and from what I've ascertained they do suffer from going a bit soft when the weather is warmer causing more vibration. I've also seen reports from people that have replaced all the mounts, including fitting uprated mounts and they still have the problem, so I've decided to just ignore it on mine as it doesn't seem to be causing any other problems and not noticeable at higher speeds...well as high as you can get in a Berlingo ;)
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