ZX 16V ACAV Vacuum Fix

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ZX 16V ACAV Vacuum Fix

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For anyone that has a ZX 16v..The little ACAV vacuum pipes snap like a Kit-Kat, and no glue known to man, can fix them.
Well I fixed mine today, and very cheaply too.
Just buy a length of 1/4" brake pipe, about £5 - £6.
Cut a short length 20mm or so.
Drill the Vacuum, 4.8mm drill, where the pipe snapped off. Carefull not to go through the other side!!
Push the brake pipe into the rubber hose and then push into the Vacumm hole. It's a tight fit, so be gentle and wiggle it in.
A sealant of some sort is optional, I painted mine with a black paint stonechip and then fitted it.
It looks right, it works, and it cost £35 less than a replacement.
Note. I already had a length of brake pipe from a previous job. But, purchase a pipe flaring kit at a later date, and you never have to buy brake pipes again because you've got loads of pipe left over, and you can make your own.[:D]