Merseyside Mega Battery

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Merseyside Mega Battery

Post by Paul-R »

I was sent this about a new battery complex local to me.

The second 100 MW battery storage unit at Capenhurst sub station is now in service. Interesting Sky News Climate Show report and video on energy storage at link below.
The reporter is at the newer installation on farmland opposite Capenhurst Merseyrail Station which is some distance away from the first battery site within the substation grounds so a large interconnector has been built next to it. ... 2-12807985
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Re: Merseyside Mega Battery

Post by CitroJim »

Interesting... Thanks for posting it Paul :D

I'd love to know more about the technical side of it. Is each 'container sized' battery unit a self contained static inverter (like a big UPS) so only those required at any one time can come on-line to satisfy demand whilst leaving all the others on standby? If this is the case are they then rotated around so all are discharged and then recharged equally?

The sheer number of cells in all those batteries really is quite mind-boggling!

And rather intriguing are the other methods of energy storage discussed toward the end of the article... Lifting a heavy weight is a good one...

And perhaps, that and the freezing method, might be a little more environmentally friendly than the huge amount of chemicals and materials used in all those batteries...

Dig a deep enough hole for the weight shaft and perhaps some geothermal energy could be recovered too... Two for the price of one!

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