Sat Nav area not mapped

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Sat Nav area not mapped

Post by steve59 »

got pegueot 308 GT line 2017 sat nav showing area not mapped in bottom left hand corner can not connect to any destination just done latest mapping update no difference any idea,s
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Re: Sat Nav area not mapped

Post by aspire_helen »

I have had this a few times on my 2001 C5, but not for some years now (not perhaps since I changed the antenna base - see below). The car symbol moves into a blank, un-mapped area and the GPS cannot align the car with any road. Often, the system appears to hunt for the correct location and displays the car symbol revolving slowly. My system is an old CD player system, so I can simply eject and reinsert the CD to reinitialise the system. Does yours have an option to re-boot, re-initialise or otherwise reset? Generally, I find I have to occasionally re-boot the whole car's system (BSI), simple disconnect battery process, to correct many electronic glitches. Another problem could be the GPS antenna. It is likely your GPS antenna is co-located with the radio antenna base on the roof (and phone if you have one). The base contains active multi-band receivers. On mine, I had 2 problems - both the GPS and radio were playing up. It turned out to be corrosion of the electronics PCB in the antenna base. Fixed by replacing the base.
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Re: Sat Nav area not mapped

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Which can be easily checked by purchasing a cheap GPS Aerial with FAKRA connector for under £10. Connect to the back of the Head Unit and go for a drive for a few miles (remaining stationary is no good) to allow GPS to lock onto satellites and geo-position itself.

If you start to get satellites visible again, then you know it's your aerial / aerial base that's probably corroded somewhere. If there's no difference after 10 minutes of driving, then it may be the GPS tuner in the Head Unit itself.