C5 X7 TPMS settings

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C5 X7 TPMS settings

Post by the-termin8r »

Had my first ever poke around with Diagbox earlier today. It was both a daunting and interesting labyrinth. I ended up stumbling on the under inflation detection setting (Repair > BSI > repair > configuration > manual configuration > customisation customer). I had a scroll through the possible options for the setting. By default mine is on "direct without display of pressures." I was wondering, if I set it to direct with pressure, would it show the pressures in the instrument cluster when I run a check? I didn't want to mess with the setting in case I disrupted the current calibration or bricked something.
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Re: C5 X7 TPMS settings

Post by GiveMeABreak »

No and I would advise against playing around and changing anything. I've had to deal with several cases where owners have changed things and their vehicle was left inoperative afterwards.

What is often shown in the Menus does not mean what you think it does. As the BSI's are used across a range of marques and vehicles, there are some settings that despite what you think they mean must always be left as they are.

I kindly, but strongly suggest you read this post:

Lexia / PP2000 / Diagbox Warning

The X7 never had individual tyre pressure displays. It is simply OK, deflated or punctured.