Diaxbox on VMware, VCI not connected, cured.

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Diaxbox on VMware, VCI not connected, cured.

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After years of service my Diagbox system came up with the VCI is not connected screen saying please connect a VCI. This was not normall as my Lexia 3 tool was plugged in and I had not had the information window come up saying it had been connected to my usb port. After reading other forums, if the host machines device manager shows unknown device under other devices in Network Adaptors when the Lexia 3 tool is plugged in it may be faulty. In fact I now know this is normal on a 64bit operating system and proves the host USB socket has seen the Lexia 3 tool.

[attachment=0]Screenshot (280)a.png[/attachment]

Anyway I contacted Jim of a well known Diagnostics Equipment Supplier to buy one, he asked if the Lexia 3 light flashed when plugged in and if so was probably OK as it was unusual for the interface to malfunction. He set up a Teamview session to have a look and said the problem was with VMware player not connecting Lexia 3 to Guest Machine as was not showing up in its Device Manager. If it had connected Device Manager on guest machine should look like this

[attachment=1]Screenshot (281).png[/attachment]

A simple fix was to remove and reinstall a new virtual machine this time VMware workstation pro with a new Diagbox download. Thanks to Jim a lot lower cost than a new Lexia 3 tool.
Screenshot (280)a.png
Screenshot (281).png