SMEG 7" Touchscreen

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SMEG 7" Touchscreen

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Hi all,

I'll preface by saying this is not my car, it my partner's dad's car who lives in NZ so isn't around to fix things. I'm just keeping it ticking over until he gets back, and it's a 2016 Citroen C4 Cactus Flair BlueHDI with a smidge under 60k miles on it. It's purple, if you're interested!

Hoping someone can help me: I'm sure none of these are new issues. The combination of them has me wanting to drive this stupid car off the nearest bridge!

1. When we last serviced the car we were told that it needed a software update. We asked why the garage (Robins & Day Glasgow) couldn't do it as part of the service but they said it has to be us because they can't create user accounts. Riiiiggghhhtttt, ok. If you say so citroen, have you heard of the concept of administrator accounts?! So we went back home and tried to create a user account, entered the VIN, and then got an Error message saying the page does not exist. We all tried it, the living definition of insanity. I trawled the internet and found a page in Italian (I do not speak Italian, but google translated for me) with a link buried in a post that took me to another obscure page with a .tar download available. Again, no idea if it's what I need or if it's self-destruct software for the car...I just downloaded it onto a FAT32 usb and hoped for the best. Eventually managed to get it installed on the car, with actual negative help from Citroen who kept telling me to download it from their website despite me repeatedly saying their website does not work. This would have been late 2019/early 2020 (ish), pre-covid anyway. I have no idea if I need to update again, now in late 2022, because it still gives me error messages when I try to search the VIN. However the GPS is gubbed, has been for well over a year. The car keeps thinking I'm in the sea somewhere between Largs and Bute (it's maybe foreseeing its own watery demise but for now it's on land) no matter what I do. The DAB radio is also iffy. Is this a software/firmware update I need to find again? Or is this more likely to be a mechanical fault with the antenna base on the roof? Either way, Citroen appear unable to help me so I'm on my own sorting it out.
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Re: SMEG 7" Touchscreen

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They are partially correct on this.

For this telematics system, it is the customer's responsibility to update the maps and these are available from here, although they are chargeable on this system: ... enEMEA/GBP

As for the Head Unit updates, if required the dealer can update these.

For the later telematics system (Connected Nav) which you don't have, the customer gets free map updates for life and is responsible for downloading the map and firmware updates themselves. For this, an account is needed - Citroen cannot create the account for you. However this shouldn't apply as you don't have this system installed, so they may be getting confused bewtween the 7" Touchscreen (SMEG) and the Connected NAV systems.