Radio/Bluetooth and USB issues

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Main Features: It is a fully integrated Telematics System featuring CarPlay, Android Auto, Real Time Services, Voice Commands, High-Res Display, 3D Navigation, Bluetooth Hands Free & USB. 2 versions of the system are available NAC (Navigation Audio Connectée) and RCC (Radio Couleur Connectée) or Connected Colour Radio, which does not have the Integrated Navigation or Live Services.

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Radio/Bluetooth and USB issues

Post by sarahmichele »

Hi Everyone,

I am not very good when it comes to technical stuff for cars :rofl2: but i am in need of some help.
I have a citroen c3 67 plate car. I have been having issue with this in regards to the radio.
For sometime now its not wanted to connect to bluetooth, so i have been using a usb to play music through my car and satnav.

The usb seems to funny as well as it will only connect to my car before i start the engine, if i drive just to the end of my road and a bit then try and connect it wont.

On the screen where it says radio, bluetooth, usb the only one that is white is Radio.

But when my phone is not attached to usb it says it is connected via bluetooth, you play something on my phone you cant hear it as its connected to the car but the car isnt playing what you phone is its playing the radio.

I have reset it back to factory settings, this seemed to work for 5 seconds, so i tried to connect usb to see if that worked - it kicked off bluetooth and now that wont come back, i reset it again and no luck.

Can someone help?
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Re: Radio/Bluetooth and USB issues

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There are several connection options depending on what system and options you have.

Your phone can connect via Bluetooth for Audio music streaming or Bluetooth Phone Calls.
If you have a USB then you can connect a USB memory key to play MP3 files or if you have CarPlay or Android Auto, you can connect your phone to play music or use specific apps allowed by these features.

You can't have both connected at the same time.

If you want radio, use the vehicle's built in radio system.

I can tell you that cheap USB cables are 99% to blame for poor or bad connections, so use an original cable.

If you could be more specific as to what you actually want to do that may help.
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