E-tense remote control query

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E-tense remote control query

Post by frenzy382 »


Anyone know if it's actually possible for e-tense remote control to actually be shared? I've got it installed on my phone, all activated and running... but my wife also uses the car and if she tries to get it installed and activated, it de-activates mine.

Looks like it's not possible for 2 drivers to actually use this...which seems ridiculous.

Am i missing something, is there a workaround at all?

I thought of one workaround which was both of us using the same login to the app...it doesn't like that either. One app, one login only.

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Re: E-tense remote control query

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I don't think this will work for security. It can only be associated with one phone and thereafter associated to the vehicle for security purposes. DS App support will confirm this, but I have seen no reference to this being possible as yet.
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