The New Renault Duo and Bento

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The New Renault Duo and Bento

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

One of the big former French 3, after being first out of the blocks with the Twizy, then being overtaken and overshadowed by the Citroen Ami and the buzz around it, have responded with the Duo and Bento on their way in 2023.

Electrive has a decent article here
Mobilize presents the Duo and Bento city vehicles
Horse's mouth stuff from Mobilize (Renault's Mobility Wing) Press release ... /?lang=eng

Mobilize Duo: fun for city mobility
Duo is an all-electric quadricycle for urban mobility.
It targets private customers as much as professional ones (self-employed professionals, company fleet, carsharing and micro-mobility operators).
Its innovative, customisable design and small footprint make Duo ideal for driving around cities.
It is designed to be 50% made with recycled materials and be 95% recyclable.
Duo’s open and connected electronic architecture will enable upgradable connected services.
It will be available on subscription or long-term leases with tailored services by end-2023.

The cargo version, Bento, will be available for professional customers starting in 2024.
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Re: The New Renault Duo and Bento

Post by myglaren »

They just get worse and worse. Look like inflated toys.
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Re: The New Renault Duo and Bento

Post by CitroJim »

myglaren wrote: 11 Oct 2022, 14:32 They just get worse and worse. Look like inflated toys.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: The New Renault Duo and Bento

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Looks like a Twizy with a bum bag or bum roll! Kim Kashardian or Jennifer Lopez would just LOVE them!
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Re: The New Renault Duo and Bento

Post by Michel »

It'll still go up in flames, just like any other Renault.. or Nissan..

Spotted on the London Road about a mile from my house yesterday... Renault engine and electrics.